Success Stories

SwissJust Products

I recently tried a new product for my back pain and knee pain that I obtained from Dr. Amir during my routine chiropractic visit and it is very effective. Its called Juniper Cream, a topical cream that you can rub into the area of complain and its very good. So if you have chronic pain  that comes and goes depending on the weather this will help. There are a number of products for different problems that are very good. I haven't tried them all, but I have tried the Juniper, Comfrey Cream, and the 31 Herbal oil. These are for headaches, aches and pains, muscle sprains and joint pain. Its better than taking medication. Now I can participate better in my Zumba Class. But I still need to see my chiropractor, but maybe not as often.

                                                                                                                            Mary C. Desoto, Texas



I began chiropractic care as a teenager when I had pain in my shins due to dancing ballet at school. Dr. Amir treated me with some physical therapy modalities to help with the discomfort. Now as a adult I have continued my treatment for other problems such as neck pain, upper and lower back pain when I had and auto accident. On each occasion I was treated professionally and any and all treatment was explained. Any questions I had were answered. I continue to see Dr. Amir for my Chiropractic Care as needed and feel better about my overall health.

Esther C.  Dallas, Texas


" I have suffered from lower back pain for over six years; have had two back surgeries to repair a herniated disc, plus numerous injections and physical therapy. My orthopedic surgeon and pain management doctor said they could do nothing else for me. Under Dr. Amir's chiropractic and acupuncture care I no longer require daily narcotic medication and am able to function throughout the day. "

Susan Beck, Plano, Texas

" I began chiropractic care to address the pain in my lower back. Dr. Amir noted some problems and explained the relationship of my spine being out of alignment and the problems I was experiencing. I was skeptical at first, but once I began the treatment, I noticed the substantial improvements not to mention that I feel great after each visit. The problems with my legs have been corrected along with the stress in my lower back. I make regular visits for chiropractic care as part of a proactive approach to better health."

J. Ruiz, Plano



" I had been suffering from lower back pain that radiated to my right leg for quite a long time. My primary care physician scheduled and MRI, and gave me some necessary medication. The MRI revealed a bone spur that pinched the sciatica nerve on the right side which caused a shooting pain to my right leg. She referred me to a pain management doctor and a physical therapy center. After several visits there were no noted change, I returned to my primary care physician and she referred me to Dr. Amir. After several visits, I felt significant improvement in my back and leg. I have kept my appointments with Dr. Amir as need to keep myself feeling good."

Rose M. Plano


" I was suffering from neck pain that radiated to my right hand causing my fingers to be numb. I was worried that I might need surgery. Dr. Amir referred me for an M.R.I. and it revealed that I have herniated discs at multi levels of my neck. Dr. Amir requested that I allow him to try some physical therapy and acupuncture to see if it would help, if no improvement was made then he would refer me to a specialist. After several visits my pain and numbness has gone away and I am back to my daily activities."

Judy M. Dallas

" About a year ago I made an appointment with Dr. Amir's office to address the numbness in my right arm that completely prevented me from using it. I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck. Dr. Amir educated me on the anatomy and physiology of the neck and beck, and explained that I would need a combination of acupuncture and chiropractic care to correct the problem. His thorough knowledge of chiropractic care  coupled with his professional and friendly demeaneor put me at ease. I have now enjoyed a year free of pain and numbness in my arm, without the ue of prescription drugs or surgery. After each visit i feel a million times better."

Ashley K. Dallas


" I was managing several Dental Offices and I was under alot of stress for some time and my headaches ended up being massive migraines, which were not manageable with pain medication. Dr. Amirs name was given to me by a colleague and I was assured that he used techniques that are safe, and natural such as chiropractic, acunpuncture and energy healing. After my first treatment I truly felt the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders and my migraines dissapeared and my stress was decreased significantly. Since then I have kept my regulars visits and have referred several friends."

Fariba  Dallas